sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009

Firmas para apoyar el informe de Goldstone

Recibí este correo de Lev Grinberg, es para que cada uno se sume y haga circular este petitorio. Gracias!
Más información en http://www.openshuhadastreet.org/node/116

This is from a SA-based solidarity organization:Please take one minute to go to www.SupportGoldstone.org and sign thepetition.Here is the text of the petition:The UN Goldstone report is a well-researched, fair-minded report. Israel andHamas mustconduct credible, independent investigations on war crimes and possiblecrimes againsthumanity or face the International Criminal Court. We demand accountabilityfor all victims,respect for the rule of law, international law and human rights.Also watch this profile and interview with Judge Richard Goldstone by BillMoyers:Read more http://www.openshuhadastreet.org/node/116--This is an automatic message from Open Shuhada Street!To manage your subscriptions, browse tohttp://www.openshuhadastreet.org/user/72/notificationsYou can unsubscribe athttp://www.openshuhadastreet.org/notifications/unsubscribe/sid/138?signa...==========Ran GreensteinJohannesburg, South Africa

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