domingo, 2 de junio de 2013

Gideon Levy: la cereza de Tsahal

And all of this is carried out by our best young men − not ‏(this time‏) the Border Police or the Kfir Brigade, which are known for their brutality, but rather the cherry on top of the creme de la creme ‏(duvdevan is Hebrew for cherry‏) of the violent control of the territories. And in a relatively calm period there.
The Israelis want to share this burden equally − so that everyone does it, not only the secular and religious-Zionist Jews. That’s the Israeli measure for ethical standards, for volunteerism, for contributing to the state and carrying the burden. And it’s also what the IDF wants the conscientious objector Natan Blanc to do. And it’s what Duvdevan soldiers do, nearly every night, while we watch “Big Brother.” 

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