miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

Noticias de AIC: nueva ruta de asentamiento en Hebron, expansionismo en Jerusalén (+ video), octubre negro para E. Barak

New Settlement Road in Hebron: More Apartheid in the City
Palestinian residents and local organizations in the southern West
Bank city of Hebron were shocked to hear Israeli Minister of
Transportation Israel Katz (Likud) order the construction of a new
road for settlers. According to the order, this road will link the
first settlement built after the 1967 occupation of the West bank,
Kiryat Arba, with the center of Hebron.

Jerusalem Plans Extensive Renovations of Western Wall Plaza in Old
The Jerusalem Municipality’s Local Planning and Building Committee
has approved a new plan to completely renovate the Western Wall Plaza.

Black October of Ehud Barak: Decade to the Slaughter of Palestinians
in Israel
October 2010. Ten years have passed since the slaughter of the
Palestinian population in Israel, a slaughter orchestrated by Ehud
Barak and, let’s not ever forget, Professor Shlomo Ben Ami.

AIC Video: Settlements in Jerusalem
With over 200,000 illegal Israeli settlers currently living in
East Jerusalem, the AIC spoke with political activist Mahmoud Jiddah
about how settlements in Jerusalem's Old City impact the daily lives
of Palestinians living there, and what can be done to better the

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