martes, 1 de junio de 2010

La Universidad Hebrea de Jerusalén excluirá al juez Goldstone de su junta de directores

La página web de noticias israelí informa que la Universidad Hebrea de Jerusalén expulsará al juez Goldstone de su Junta de Directores. La justificación oficial apunta a "razones técnicas" por la falta de asistencia del juez Goldstone a las reuniones de la Junta de Directores. El Centro de Información Alternativa (AIC) está a la espera de una respuesta oficial por parte de la Unviersidad Hebrea sobre este asunto

1 June 2010Alternative Information Center (AIC)Hebrew University of Jerusalem will remove Judge Goldstone from itsBoard of Governors, for the “technical” reason that he has notattended Board meetings. So reports the Hebrew-language news political pressure has been exerted by American andEuropean donors on Hebrew University President Professor Menachem BenSasson and the university administration to remove Judge Goldstonefollowing the report issued by the United Nations Fact Finding Missionon the Gaza Conflict, a mission which Goldstone led. The report, whichoutlined grave human rights violations by Israel in its December 2008-January 2009 military attack on the Gaza Strip, in addition topossible war crimes and crimes against humanity, was categoricallyrejected by the Israeli government, which commenced a campaign ofvilification against Judge Goldstone.The Hebrew University did not respond to a request by the AlternativeInformation Center (AIC) for clarification of why Judge Goldstone willbe removed by its Board of Governors.The Hebrew University has a long history of directly and indirectlysupporting the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories anddispossession of the Palestinian people. This support includes theconfiscation of Palestinian lands; the hiring of former military andintelligence officials, including the former head of the GeneralSecurity Services, Carmi Gilon, as Vice President for ExternalRelations; financial support to student-soldiers who served duringIsrael’s military attacks on Gaza about which Judge Goldstone wrote;and demanding police-issued ‘character references” from Palestinianbut not Jewish non-student visitors to its campuses.The Alternative Information Center (AIC) calls on internationalsolidarity activists to contact Hebrew University and express yoursupport for the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions(BDS) campaign, including an academic boycott, due to actions such asthe removal of Judge Goldstone from the Board of Governors.The Hebrew University of Jerusalem media department may be contactedhere:

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  1. Es doloroso ver que la injusticia toma el rumbo y el ritmo de una cascada. ¡Qué vergüenza! (y no de la íntima o personal, sino vergüenza política).